How much does it cost? Services & Fees

 Evenings Classes ~ Live in family members are half price ......a great bargain!

 We guarantee you will have a complete understanding of our school within the first few weeks. We    
 deeply desire that you have a positive experience with us, whether you are ready to move on to a
 greater commitment or not. 'Turnover' is not something we want. The majority of our senior body has
                      been with us 8-14+ years.

What day and time is my class? Clik for our schedule.

Will I get hurt? Like any activity with contact, some bumps and bruises are expected, however, there has never been a serious injury as a result of our training. All students prepare with a warm-up and stretch to avoid injury. Our dedication to higher standards, constant, instructor upgrade and evaluation has virtually ensured this. This is no doubt why we have remained in business years (decades) beyond our competition.

Students are not asked to do something for which they are not prepared. Free sparring is not done at the beginner belt levels. As you advance, your confidence growing, sparring under strict control and supervision will begin from "one step" to "free". Any interaction between students is ruled by our principle of "power by permission", which means that no one will use a higher degree of force during practice than you are comfortable with.

We control all activity, providing maximum safety. Protective gear is always used whenever needed. Classes are grouped by age and skill. No small child is ever in danger of being run over by an adult or aggressive teen. Mature students are not expected to keep up with the younger students.

Will I have to take part in any competitions? No. However, because the WTF Taekwondo part of our program is an Olympic Sport, we can offer competition instruction to those who choose it is an option. Our co-founder, Master Michael Hanson is a 3 time National Champion and also competed in Barcelona representing Canada. Master Darryl Mitchell also represented Canada internationally. Master Witt is a national class referee. Our students who do choose to compete, consistently do well at all levels. Tournament Administration is another option for the aspiring student and is a particular asset when coupled with the life skills of mature students in developing Referee & Judging skills. Pacific Coast has hosted annual competitions for over 10 years. We strive for fairness and fun, plain and simple.
Is there religion in our classes?
No, however, a large part of our Martial Arts training is the development of ideas, values, and attitudes that build character, self-esteem, and are universally admired. National pride is important and instilled daily with a salute to our Canadian flag, beginning and end of every class. Many of our students have enrolled for these issues, as much as for the self-defense itself. Focus, self discipline, tenacity, respect.

Our Code of Honor defines the school, instructors, and students. On your first visit please make a point of examining this code. There are two clearly posted in the school. Every student is expected to adhere to them.

We will refuse admission to our programs to any student who in our opinion brings disrepute to the school, through their misuse of their Martial Art training, or who will not respect the school, or its students.

Will the instructors accommodate any special needs or concerns? Absolutely! Our instructors have experience with all ages, personal concerns, and individual limitations. Many of our students have had special needs and still succeeded as outstanding martial artists. Master Witt's son, Master James Witt (now a 5th Dan instructor) is one of our best Black Belts yet was born with 'Asperger's Syndrome', a type of Autism. We have also provided special intake for groups such as Langley's C.H.A.D. (children with Attention Deficit and Hyper Activity disorders).

It is our goal to bring out the best in individuals. Everyone of us regardless of background shares the same path in traveling from birth to death. It is quality of life we focus on and extracting the maximum. Youth has natural gifts of spontaneity, speed, and forgiving health. Maturity has experience, strength in strategy, and foresight. There are many examples. All of us have advantages and all of us have needs.