Master Witt and Associates

Master Daniel Witt, our Founder, Chief Instructor and President, started his martial arts experience in 1973  with Grandmaster C. K. Choi. From 1984 to 1992 he was a Student of Grandmaster Kee Seung Ha (past President WTF Taekwondo Canada). Since 1993 Grandmaster Ronald Suggs (9th Dan Hapkido, 9th Dan Taekwondo JiDoKwan-Korea, 9th Dan UTJF, 8th Dan Taekwondo Kukkiwon,  6th Dan Judo Kodokan) has been Master Witt’s primary mentor. Master Witt was Promoted To 8th Dan June 22, 2012. *Grandmaster Ronald Suggs ~ His upline is Grandmaster Lee, Chong Woo, 2nd & 4th Grandmaster of Jidokwan & past V.President of Kukkiwon, 10th Dan postumous (1929 – 8 August 2015 R.I.P.).2019 is Master Witt’s  65th year, 46 years since starting Martial Arts, 31 years since founding  Pacific Coast Taekwondo Schools. With 5000+ Students through his door, two adult Children and five Grandchildren he has a lifetime of experience to drawn on. Master Witt has taught & graduated 146+ Black Belts, 10 to Masters Level and above.

Master Witt holds an 8th Dan in Taekwondo and a 5th Dan in Hapkido. His certifications are recognized globally, including TKD-UJTF, TKD-Jidokwan-Korea, TKD-Kukkiwon, Hapkido-UHF, Hapkido-HeukChooKwan-Korea.

Master Witt is past President (1997-2007) / co-founder / architect of the BC Taekwondo Association, standing up for the rights of others. Master Witt is past Vice President of the United Taekwondo JiDoKwan Federation and awarded national class referee status in 1992. Many Awards and Presentations hang on the walls of his office. Master Witt still teaches daily.

*We are truly fortunate to have two additional, active graduate Master Instructors at Pacific Coast Taekwondo. Master James WItt & Master Scott Robertson, both 6th Dans.
*Proudly, Pacific Coast Taekwondo has two Associate Schools & Masters we have fostered. Although these Masters & their Schools have long since grown into independent and  highly successful organizations, with their own rich club cultures, we remain a close family.
Master Don Ferguson / Asia Pacific Taekwondo Academy, Bangkok
Master Don Ferguson, recently promoted to 7th Dan, is located in Bangkok Thailand. His School is Asia Pacific Taekwondo Academy, In his early years, Master Ferguson was a constant in WTF Taekwondo’s Team Canada as a top Olympic contender. This past decade he has had significant success in film as an actor & stuntman, even producing his own movie.
Master Michael Smith / Westside Taekwondo, Westbank BC
Master Michael Smith is a 6th Dan., his school located in Westbank, just outside Kelowna, BC. Master Smith is President of the BC Taekwondo Association and runs his school with the support of his Wife Glenna.

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