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Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginner...Detail oriented. Essential for new Students, white, yellow stripe, and yellow belts.

Intermediate...Progressing to green stripe belt, blue stripe, and blue belt.

Advanced...Kids & Tweens Tuesday / 5:30 Green stripe minimum rank. Dealing with needs and concerns of this group. Black Belt class,

Thursday 7 Red Stripe minimum rank...weapons, leadership, Instructors, advanced self-defense and other special training. Essential program for all Masters, Black belts & senior Color belt Students.

For Students 35+, we moderate activities reducing impact and stress in areas such as hamstrings, knees, ankles and lower backs. Kicks are not done high and a focus is placed more on hand technique, forms & self defense.


Kids ~ 4-8 yrs Through all ranks except where marked

Juniors ~ 9-12 yrs Preteen beginner to advanced rank, bigger or more mature kids

Teens, Adults, Executive ~ Minimum 13 & mature *Collegiate 13 -34 yrs, *Executive 35 yrs+

Advanced ~ Begins with Green Stripe/Green belt (approximately 9-10 months minimum experience)

Black Belt Class ~ All ages, Red Stripe through Black Belt, terms, forms, self-defense, weapons. Issues relevant to Black Belts & Color belts close to Black Belt.

Age groupings are guidelines, for exceptions or special arrangements, permission is needed from Master Witt. Two days a week should be considered a bare minimum for attendance, three days a week are best. Commitment to regular training is the true foundation for success. * Schedule may change periodically to better suite needs of members and their families.

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