Master Witt established Pacific Coast Taekwondo Martial Arts School in Langley City, 1988 at 203 & 56th. By 1993 we had 4 more locations. The new Fire Hall was built across the street years later. 2001 our After School Program was introduced and our parking got a little tougher with our fleet growing out to 5 buses in just a few years. 2010 he relocated the School to Langley Township, one kilometer north at 204 & 62 avenue, about two city blocks south of Costco. Our current location is almost fifty percent larger and the parking superb. In a business where the typical martial arts school lasts but a few years we are a virtual hallmark. We remain one of the oldest martial arts schools in the Fraser Valley and for that matter British Columbia. 2020 is our Thirty second Year and Master Witt’s 47th year in martial arts.


Master Witt’s Pacific Coast Taekwondo Martial Arts School is founded on the principles of self empowerment, good physical and mental health, standing strong for what we believe in, love of Canada, fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, the power of solidarity. We teach a complete curriculum of techniques, both physical and mental, designed to meet the unknown.
“Mind, Body, Spirit”

Our Mission

“The mission of  Pacific Coast Taekwondo is to ensure every Member succeeds, not just a select few.”

Learning a martial art is like learning the piano. You can learn to play a song or two in a few weeks. However, if thrown a request, you’re in trouble. Similarly, abbreviated self-defense courses or sport focused programs have significant limitations.Typically, Taekwondo is the dominion of the young, holding value for the brief period of our youth and early adult life. Not at Pacific Coast Taekwondo. Our Student’s range in age from 3 – 60+. Our program is eclectic and intelligent, designed and constantly evolving to serve our Members for a life time. Character and life skills are our cornerstones. It is not quantity we focus on, but quality.

As I write this, one hundred and sixteen have graduated to black belt and ten of our Members have achieved Master’s level, 4th to 8th Dan (January 2016). Due to our stability and longevity, many black belts have come to our school over the years joining our ranks. It is quite something to see a Student who began with you in elementary school walking through our door as a successful adult or bringing their own child in for a first class.


Safety is paramount....... All classes begin with a warm-up and stretch. All physical interaction is strictly controlled. There has never been a serious injury at our school. All classes are ongoing and each Student progresses at their own rate. You may join at any time and always find others just like yourself. No Student ever needs to feel intimidated or unsafe.

Mixed Martial Arts

Although our core style is Traditional Taekwondo, our close range self defense is Hapkido, We blend these arts in our classes. The joint locks, manipulations, sweeps, throws, and close contact skills of Hapkido, combine with the explosive, decisive kicks and hand strikes of Taekwondo, providing a dynamic arsenal of self-defense techniques that can be employed by women, men and children alike. Students are taught to keep their hands up when sparring and foot work is critical. Skipping and tumbling are routine in our classes. At the advanced levels we introduce staff, stick, baton and cane techniques.


Considered only for fitness, our program brings leanness. It greatly improves stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, tone, and energy. Each skill taught and mastered serves as a building block for the next.

Students are taught to function confidently and calmly for real-life situations. Conflict avoidance and objectivity are emphasized. Along with physical prowess, Martial Arts training produces elevated mental and emotional strengths. Children especially, show a significant improvement in focus, academically and socially.

We are not here to create command driven soldiers. We strive to bring out the best in a thinking, decisive individual. Initiative, creativity and contribution are fostered, recognized and rewarded.

Principals of our 'Code Of Honor', Spirit, Purpose and Respect, combine to produce a true 'Martial Artist' with modesty, integrity, composure, initiative, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, and leadership.

Master Witt's Pacific Coast Taekwondo Martial Arts School has developed a visual goal-setting system that Students employ as part of their mental training. Even the youngest Students soon learn that any personal goal can be reached, taken one step at a time. Confidence and self-esteem are the rewards of this quickly learned principle.

Our school encourages socialization and has many events for our Students and Families throughout the year, creating an enhanced atmosphere. After every Promotion Day, as an example, Master Witt provides pizza and juice boxes for the supporting Student Team while they discuss candidate performances.

Whether your needs are for fitness, personal safety, or a desire for greater discipline and growth, Pacific Coast Martial Art Schools includes it all, and we care. There is no substitute for authentic, meaningful engagement.

"Confidence comes from doing"

“Our program is a true balance of physical and mental well being”


"A Living Space Where We Rise Together"

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