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May 25, 2013
Grandmaster Suggs now holds 9th Dan Taekwondo & Hapkido, 6th Dan Judo

Below is a presentation commemorating GM Suggs 20th year as GM Witt's Master, this day.

February 28, 2012 Grandmaster Suggs was promoted to 9th Dan Taekwondo at Taekwondo Jidokwan, Korea.

May 2009 Grandmaster Ronald Ray Suggs was promoted to 8th Dan Taekwondo at Kukkiwon, Seoul Korea.

He was also presented with a Letter of Commendation from Kukkiwon for his contribution and dedication.

Speaking for all our members...

Congratulations sir, an incredible accomplishment!
Thank you for your enduring leadership, devotion and support.

Master Witt ~ V.P. UTJF



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G.M. Suggs Personal Instructors/Examiners

  • Korea
    Hapkido Heuk Choo Kwan....Grandmaster Jin Jong Moon
                                                 Grandmaster Jin Bok Moon
    Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan.......Grandmaster Lee Chong Woo

  • United States of America
    Taekwondo/Hapkido............GrandMaster Choi Tae Hong
    Judo.....................................Mr. Alex McCormick

  • Island of Guam
    Taekwondo/Tang Soo Do/Hapkido...Master Kim Jong Kyu

  • Japan
    Judo....................Master Nigishi Sensei 6th Dan Kodokan
                                Master Baba Sensei 5th Dan Kodokan
    Iado & Kendo......Master Tonasaki Sensei 5th Dan
                                Master Salo Sensei 5th Dan

Awards, and Posts of Distinction

  • Taught Martial Arts In Asia For Six Years 

  • Stationed In Guam, Japan, and Korea

  • Team Head Coach 1981 U.S. Military Team 1st International FriendshipTournament 
    Budokan,Tokyo, Japan

  • Unarmed Self-Defense Instructor - Military Law Enforcement Personnel Asia

  • Taekwondo Instructor Naval Air Station Miramar, San Diego

  • Letter of Appreciation for meritorious service from Republic of  Korea

  • Graduate U.S. Miltary Police School, Ft. McClellan, Alabama

  • California Regional Coordinator for The U S. Navy Taekwondo Union

  • Became Patron Life Member U.S.J.A.

  • Member Organizing Committee for the 13th United Stales National Taekwondo  Championships and the United States Judo Association Junior Nationals

  • Appointed as President of American Hapkido Heuk Choo Kwan Association by  Grandmaster Jin Bok Moon and Grandmaster Jin Jong Moon

  • Chairman of medical committee for the 13th United States National Taekwondo
    Championships and the U.S.J.A. Junior Nationals

  • Letter of Appreciation from Korean Cultural Service

  • Hosted Korean Judo College National Hapkido Demonstration Team in San Diego

  • Referee for 15th United States National Taekwondo Championships

  • Chairman of medical committee for the 17th United States National Taekwondo

  • Selected as Taekwondo Chairman of the Amateur Athletic Union  of the United States in Oregon and Southwest Washington

  • Received award from the Korea Taekwondo Ji Do Kwan for the development of  Taekwondo in the United States

Further Points of Interest

  • On the 5th of June 1988, Ronald R. Suggs was appointed 'Master' by the father of JiDoKwan,  Supreme Grandmaster Lee Chong Woo. 
  • The 4th of October 1993, the current President of JiDoKwan in Korea, Supreme Grandmaster Lee Sung Wan, awarded  Grandmaster Suggs a prestigious 'Certificate of Merit' for "furthering the spirit of JiDoKwan in America". 
  • January 2007 he was promoted to 8th Dan by the Taekwondo JiDoKwan in Korea making him one of the highest ranking non-Korean members of this body in the world. 
  • He is considered by many to be the father of JiDoKwan in America. 
  • In addition he is the founder of the American Taekwondo JiDoKwan Association. 
  • Certified as an International referee by the World Taekwondo Federation he is also recognized as a registered 8th Dan Black Belt by the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Headquarters, Korea.
  • February 28, 2012 Grandmaster Suggs was promoted to 9th Dan Taekwondo at Taekwondo Jidokwan, Korea.

Mission Statement
The United Taekwondo JiDoKwan Federation
To preserve the martial arts techniques, history and most importantly the spirit learned from Taekwondo JiDoKwan in Korea. To help those in need of technical support and trustworthy leadership. To maintain our own cultural identities and be free of any political agenda


Hapkido seminar 1998

with Master Darryl Mitchell 1998

GM Suggs, Master Herb Perez & Master Witt 1993
GM Suggs, Master Herb Perez & Master Witt 1993

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