Defining our Programs

After School
Day Camp

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

Beginner...Detail oriented. Essential for new Students, white, yellow stripe, and yellow belts.

Intermediate...Progressing to green stripe belt, blue stripe, and blue belt.

Advanced...Kids & Tweens Tuesday / 5:30 Green stripe minimum rank. Dealing with needs and concerns of this group. Black Belt class,

Thursday 7 Red Stripe minimum rank...weapons, leadership, Instructors, advanced self-defense and other special training. Essential program for all Masters, Black belts & senior Color belt Students.

For Students 35+, we moderate activities reducing impact and stress in areas such as hamstrings, knees, ankles and lower backs. Kicks are not done high and a focus is placed more on hand technique, forms & self defense.


Kids ~ 4-8 yrs Through all ranks except where marked

Juniors ~ 9-12 yrs Preteen beginner to advanced rank, bigger or more mature kids

Teens, Adults, Executive ~ Minimum 13 & mature *Collegiate 13 -34 yrs, *Executive 35 yrs+

Advanced ~ Begins with Green Stripe/Green belt (approximately 9-10 months minimum experience)

Black Belt Class ~ All ages, Red Stripe through Black Belt, terms, forms, self-defense, weapons. Issues relevant to Black Belts & Color belts close to Black Belt.

Age groupings are guidelines, for exceptions or special arrangements, permission is needed from Master Witt. Two days a week should be considered a bare minimum for attendance, three days a week are best. Commitment to regular training is the true foundation for success. * Schedule may change periodically to better suite needs of members and their families.

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