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February  17, 2001
Well... another great turnout and show of spirit this weekend. Grateful for our super family support, ours parents learning and doing great work coaching, judging and administrating. Our honored guests from Westside Taekwondo, in Westbank BC, Mr. Michael Smith and wife Glenna.
Mr. Michael Smith & wife Glenna Excellent family support ! Startin' em young, Vincent is 4 & kickin' booty!! Waiting for the hot dog break...
Great spirit !

October 7, 2000

Our congratualtions to Mr. Tom Girardin and his crew from Island Taekwondo Academy Courtenay on central Vancouver Island for their excellent perfomance. Our appreciation for their  participation and long trek to our event.
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April 29, 2000
(L-R)Chris Halliwell, Master Witt, Master Lefebvre & Jan

A huge thank you to Master Dawn Lefebvre, her students & families for participating in our little event, making the trek all the way from Whistler Taekwondo. Would also like acknowledge my senior student, & assistant Master Instructor Christopher  Halliwell for his fine tournament direction &  refereeing skills.
Whistler Taekwondo group
Whistler group sporting all their hard won hardware. Congratulations !